A Weekend Market is a street market which usually operates on Friday and Saturday. These markets are flea markets which sell all sorts of goods from traditional handicrafts to modern paintings. The range of goods offered for sale by them is extremely wide. However, they are mostly famous for indigenous and traditional goods. These markets attract a large number of tourists in every country. They are not usually operational on every weekend. They are usually set up once a month or once in two months. Such markets are extremely popular in South East and South Asia. People usually visit these markets because of the wide range of products available. The shoppers have a lot to choose and bargain for. They are usually situated in areas which are easily accessible and are surrounded by other attractions. The streets are not operational on the days the market is functioning, this allows the shoppers to browse and shop in peace.


The different weekend markets operating in the entire world:

  • The Chatuchak Weekend Market also known as JJ Market in Bangkok, Thailand is the biggest and the most popular market in the world. It is Bangkok’s number one tourist attraction. Every week it the vendors set up a total of fifteen thousand stalls and attract over 200,000 people.
  • This market is divided in 27 sections that sell 9 types of products ranging from plants, pets, antiques, food and drinks, ceramics, fresh and dry food, furniture and home decorations, clothes and books. Along with this, one can also find shows of live music or dancing or street plays.
  • The idea of such a market is not just a shopping experience but overall exposure to the culture of Thailand. Also, there are a number of restaurants where the visitors can go to take a break.
  • The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, Turkey is the oldest weekend market in the world. Its unique feature is that is it fully covered. It also happens to be the second biggest market of its kind. It extends to over 61 streets and displays the works of over three thousand vendors. This too, is one of the most important tourist spots in the world attracting over 250,000 people each day.


The exotic oriental and foreign weekend markets:

Some other famous Weekend Markets in the world include Jemma El Fnaa in Marakesh, Morocco, Chandni Chowk in New Delhi, India and Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne, Australia.

  • The one common and unique feature of all each of these markets in the wide range of traditional products offered by them. Each of these markets displays the talent of their country. The handicrafts are of the best quality and are not very expensive. They allow the small craftsman to exhibit their skills to the rest of the world which they probably could not do otherwise. However, in the recent times, many of these also markets offer imitation brands for clothes and shoes. The focus of products is gradually shifting from traditional goods to modern goods.


Weekend markets strengthen the bond among communities:

Apart from shopping, these markets are also a way to meet new people. Since they attract so many diverse people, they allow fusion of cultures. In the past, the concept of weekend markets was introduced in the rural areas to bind the people with one another. In the recent times, most of these markets feature in the ‘top 100 places in the world that must be visited’. They have gained immense popularity because the products sold are not very expensive and yet they are one of a kind. The different weekend markets of the world reflect the different cultures and that is what makes them so popular! Visit this link to get more information about Sunday Market.

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