Situated on the banks of River Kaveri, Trichy is a standout amongst the most mainstream tourist places in Tamil Nadu. With its stunning and colorful attractions, the small city’s charms explorers cars bounce house from all parts of the world. The city has much to offer with regards to attractions. Thanks, to this it is only obvious that the place remains busy with visitors in most of the months in a year.

Trichy has been under the reign of Kings and rulers of different kingdoms and from different backgrounds, who built various landmarks and temples in their rule. Amongst the most significant places to visit here incorporate impressive Rock Fort, which is an acclaimed fortification and temple built atop a very old rock.

Trichy presents a couple touring alternatives for the visitor. The most amazing point of interest of here is the 83-meter high outcrop in the midst of the otherwise flat landscape, where also exists the ancient Rock Fort. At the top exists the Ucchi Pillayar Koil Temple that is devoted to Lord Vinayaka. Here you’ll find the steps that lead to the Marundeeswarar Temple to a lingam of Lord Shiva that is a characteristic bulge of the stone. The Vimana is completely covered with gold and the hundred-pillared-corridor of the temple is a must-visit. The huge rock itself has carvings that date back to the time of the Nayaks, who built the fortress that stands atop the rock. You can watch out over the whole city from this place.

If you are coming from a nearby city or town roads are the ideal modes to reach here. However, flights are the ideal option for individuals who are coming from distant cities and give comfort the highest priority. Bangalore to Trichy flight, Chennai to Trichy, etc. are to name some of the popular flight routes.

Viralimalai Sanctuary

On the off chance that you cherish nature then the Viralimalai Sanctuary is only the right spot for you. It is an interesting little town situated close Tiruchirappalli which is well-known for the revered Murugan temple and the impressive Peacock Sanctuary. The town draws in travelers and explorers from all parts of the nation. The haven is indeed a pleasure to the eyes as it guarantees sights of various wild peacocks meandering around and moving freely.

Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple

The Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple is another significant attraction for the enthusiasts in Trichy. It is situated in Srirangam, which is arranged at a small distance of 7 km from Tiruchirapalli. The temple is a prevalent Hindu shrine in India. It is one of the principal abodes Lord Vishnu. Built in genuine Dravidian style of the temple is a very old temple and even finds references in the early medieval literature of the state.


Kudumiyanmalai is yet another acclaimed town in the region, situated about 25 km from Trichy. It houses a temple devoted to the local god, Lord Sikhagireeswara. The temple is interesting as in it is gigantic structure and has a hall that is comprised of a thousand columns. Its architecture itself is an example of south Indian style of architecture that is decorated with lovely sculptures.

Thiruvanaikaval sanctuary

The Thiruvanaikaval is likewise a superb Hindu temple in Trichy. It is just about 2 km from Srirangam. Lord Shiva is the residing deity of the temple. Although, there is always a queue of devotees in the temple, but particularly in the pious event of Shivratri, the sanctuary pulls in a huge number of devotees.


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