In earlier times, caravans used to consist of people travelling in groups on horses or camel.  In the age of auto mobiles, the word caravan has taken a whole new meaning. The new age caravan is no longer associated with a group movement, and the word refers to either a trailer that can be attached to an auto vehicle or the vehicle itself which is cars bounce house fitted with all the necessities needed for a travel. These travel trailers or RVs (Recreational Vehicles) are the kind of caravans that are fitted with modern gadgets like, inbuilt kitchens, sleeping quarters, toilet and even TVs and music systems. Travel trailers or caravans come in many variations. They can be totally basic that provide nothing more than sleeping quarters and are more like tents on wheels. However, these days there are the luxury caravans that can contain several compartmentalized sections with all the furniture and furnishings.

Purpose and Target Market

The basic purpose is that when on road and traveling far one should have the comfort of home. It is more convenient than a tent and offers more comfort and security while resting at night. Unlike tents which one has to pitch at some convenient vantage point, the caravans can be parked anywhere and for most part are guarded from the elements of nature. They offer far better protection from storms and rains than the tents. They are also more secure against forced entry or break-ins from humans and wild life. The basic purpose is to provide the people with their own accommodation without having to rely on hotels or less secure resting places like tents.

Essentially, these luxury caravans have a limited market and they exist mostly in North America, Europe and Australia. It is no surprise since most of the rich countries are in these continents and so the market segment is quite specific. Better highways and better camping facilities in these countries encourages and drives the demand for luxury caravan travel.

Luxury Caravan

Luxury Caravan

Caravans for Kings

RVs or recreational vehicles come in two basic forms; either as a tow-able trailer or as a motor vehicle.  These luxury caravans at the very basic level include a kitchen, a bathroom and one or more sleeping beds. Some of the more opulent caravans come with bathtubs or Jacuzzi and some have their own dining areas. Depending on the size of the luxury caravan, these can easily accommodate from 2 to 6 people comfortably. RV lifestyle pertains to those interested in traveling and camping and do not want to be restricted by the availability of hotels or motels. These luxury quarters can easily range from a good half-a-million dollars to a few millions. Although the idea of luxury caravan is to enjoy the home comfort and stay anywhere, but not all places allow these caravans to be parked. Especially in the city or metropolitan areas there are designated parking places for these luxury caravans. Most of the luxury caravan users are senior citizens and retirees who like to spend their retired lives traveling to see the world and maintaining a comfortable lifestyle provided in their vehicle. It is not uncommon for luxury caravan users to make use of Internet, phones and faxes while they are traveling. Many of these luxury caravan owners lead a permanently nomadic life. They sell of their homes and make these luxury caravans their permanent mobile settlement.

Types of Luxury Caravans

  • Fifth-wheel Trailers – Is a kind of trailer supported by a hitch in the center of the pickup-truck rather than at the end of the truck
  • Off-road Trailers – These are 4×4 trailers, especially designed for travel in extreme country side
  • Toy Hauler – Is a kind of luxury trailer which is half living area and half garage which can be used to mount small vehicles like bikes etc.
  • Double-decker Trailers – These luxury trailers have two levels, where the upper level is mostly used as portable dressing room.

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