When it comes to an idea of where to trek in Asia, the very first recommendation are probably Nepal with Everest mountain or Bhutan where the nature dominates the country by its pristine beauty, yet Asia treasures many breathtaking trails and some of them remains less known.


These five trek destinations feature some cars bounce house brilliant choices for a thrilling adventure:

#1. Chadar Trek, India

Chadar is an appealing trek where you mingle into the nature of Himalaya range. Your amazing experience commence with a cross over the frozen Zanskar river then the changes of altitude from Chilling to Lingshed. The best compensation for all your effort would be the sweeping Mountain View covered by snow and stone. Chadar also contain the Buddhism riches and which is mostly possibly to capture by foot only.

#2. Mountain Batur, Bali

Those who are drawn to Bali by beach and islands will be extremely content to soak up some light trek as alternative outdoor activity.

Mount Batur is best for viewing the sunrise when forest of cloud covers the famous volcano, carpets of trees. The trek is fairly gentle with short climb but very worthy.  You may need to rise early and prepare well for it. Day trek offers more choices with jungle path leading through different sections of the park.

Do not miss feeding the friendly monkeys when you conclude your trek.

#3. Mountain Kawakapro, Yunnan

Real trek for Buddhism pilgrimage, it is as intrigue as you can imagine even you do not practice Buddhist.

Chances to stretch your legs from 3 days to more than a week is plenty as Kwakapro offers many routes linking the mighty Mekong river to the highest peak of Yunnan province.

The lucky travelers may see the rare black bears and red pandas while all trek routes provides encounters to remote villages, abundance of stupas as well monasteries.

Challenge yourself and book a guided tour to make sure you enjoy it thoroughly and get the chance to go further like no other also.

#4. Tanop Forest trek, Cambodia

It is hard to say to no to Tanop Forest if you like to do jungle trek in a tropical national park, especially it is a place where you learn very much about how human mingles well with nature in hamorny. This core charm comes from the fact that Tanop forest houses many giant, various species of wildlife.

Expect the three days trek with basic staying condition and bring some unforgettable memory back home.

#5. Putao, Myanmar

Like Chadar, Putao is located in the far north of Myanmar country, known as the border of China and Myanmar. It has everything that you should think about for a life time experience:  rugged mountain range, untouched villages, flowing river, picturesque valleys, and various hill tribes with unique culture.

Travel to Putao may need some support from a Burma Tour company who specialize in trekking and adventures since the flights is not daily as well equipment should be arranged in advance, especially for those who want to be the first 100 people who conquer the roof of Southeast Asia.


#6. Luang Prabang, Laos

One of the best way to know Laos is to explore its remote areas and Luang Prabang is simply a perfect example for that. Imagine you are crossing the jungle on the back of an elephant, stepping forward the green nature, swim in the nature pool, meet friendly Hmong people and eat the tasteful exotic food of Laos … all are available in a three day trek in Luang Prabang. In addition to your trek, Luang Prabang is also a majestic old town which is recognized as Unesco World Heritage sites, a wonderful place to travel back to the past.

#7. Muong Khuong, Vietnam

This new, off beaten track area is perfect for those who love to see Vietnam at its purest. Muong Khuong is full of surprise for first timer from colorful hill tribe markets which happens once a week in one district to diverse plantation with tea, corn and rice. There is an outstanding contrast of nature that lures intrepid travelers who expect extraordinary experience in north Vietnam.

While in summer, you can bath under the stream of Vang Leng waterfall, in Oct, there is no way to resist photographing the ripen rice fields which turns from green to yellow.

Since the area is still less known, contact a local Vietnam Travel Agency for better tailor made holiday to Muong Khuong and its magnificent mountains.

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