A chauffeur is generally a person who is allotted the task to drive luxury passenger vehicles, such as sedan cars, Limousine and varieties of Mercedes and BMW. There are many popular agencies all across the world, which provide branded luxury cars on hire, and they are driven by trained chauffeurs:

  • There are many chauffeurs who are the personal driver of an individual.
  • There are also chauffeurs who only work for companies, or they work only when they are hired along with the car.
  • They have their own set of dresses and formal training certificates which are issued by competent motor vehicle authorities.

4 Most Popular Chauffeur Cars in the World:

  1. The all new Rolls Royce Phantom EWB:
The all new Rolls Royce Phantom EWB

Wikimedia Commons

If you want to have the ultimate and exquisite Rolls Royce experience, then you must try out the chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce EWB service. The bonnet is definitely good and you will feel on top the world with the ultimate riding experience on an extended wheelbase. The back seats can be inclined in such a manner that you can accommodate a mini refrigerator that stores your favorite drink in it. The rear doors have small cabinets which can be sued to store your important things. In short, you will feel like the best rider ever on earth, with this Rolls Royce ride which has a trained chauffeur.

  1. The Range Rover Black LWB:

The Range Rover Black LWB

If you want to experience the definite feeling of a chauffeur-driven car that has a sporty and adventurous look, you must try out the Range Rover Black LWB once. It is a stretched version of the sports utility vehicle, and it adds an instant class and a great level of comfort to your whole riding experience. Inside you can find tables which are covered with leather, and chargers are attached to these tables. The car agency which you book sends a trained and certified chauffeur to take care of all your need while you ride.

  1. The Bentley Flying Spur Mullinar:
The Bentley Flying Spur Mullinar

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There are certain chauffer car services which can be availed even when you are out of your own country for some business purposes. You can hire these cars, and the chauffeur arrives to take you from the airport, and drop you at the hotel. The Bentley is a special one among car lovers, and when you hire this particular chauffeur car, you will find DVD players, detachable headphones and LCD screens, along with a number of other gadgets inside the car itself. The seat heating system gives you a cozy feel during the winter months, and the spacious internal segment, along with the climate control devices and ventilation system makes you fall head over heels in love with this chauffeur car.

  1. The Audi A8 L Security W 12:
The Audi A8 L Security W 12

Wikimedia Commons

Among some of the best chauffeur cars in the whole world, this Audi version seems to be the most promising variety. For the sheer excellence and the plushest of interiors along with all modern riding facilities, this chauffeur car is definitely going to stay in the good-book of car enthusiasts for the next few years. If you are really worried about your life and traveling to a country that is politically disturbed, you need not worry, as this car’s surface is explosive-proof, which keeps you happy and secure while you ride on. The grenade expulsion system and the emergency exit service are two other features which have made this car a popular chauffeur-driven vehicle.

Advantages of chauffeur cars:

  • They take you to your target destination in a most hassle-free manner.
  • The chauffeurs are trained and punctual.
  • You will have the all-new experience of riding some of the best cars in the world.
  • They are registered car services provided by agencies, and most of them respect your privacy and security.

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