These days everyone (including your Aunt Sally) has a travel blog, but knowing how to use WordPress does not a writer make. With so many blogs clogging up the online airwaves, it can be hard to dig up valuable advice, gained from those on the road. In that vein here are the top ten blogs that we at St Christopher’s swear by.

  1. Twenty Something Travel
    Twenty Something TravelThe brain behind this outfit is Stephanie Yoder – hailing from Arlington, Virginia. Stephanie does what a lot of us do in our twenties (travel!) but she writes it up with a certain finesse – covering everything from the surprises to be found in France to why it’s OK to say no to a trip!
  2. The Art of Backpacking
    The Art of BackpackingIf you’re searching for backpacker advice on how to become the best independent, international traveller, then look no further. This rather swish site serves up unseen galleries of China, advice on how to stay online abroad without breaking the bank, tips on travelling through the Middle East and much, much more.
  3. The New York Times – Travel
    The New York Times – TravelIt’s time to throw what you might call a grown up blog into the mix, but that doesn’t mean this pick is by any means boring. The New York Times is always at the cutting edge of everything new and its travel section is no different. If you want to know about day trips to Atlantic City, extreme weather warnings, Caribbean party islands and more, this could well be your one stop shop of choice.
  4. Rough Guides – Spotlights
    Rough Guides – SpotlightsThe printed guides have been a firm favourite with backpackers since the founding days of Martin Dunford and the gang. Today the online arm is as hefty as one of their 800 page guides, especially the articles found in the Spotlight section.
  5. The Guardian
    The GuardianThe older the Guardian gets, the more hostel focused this fine newspaper seems to become and that ain’t a bad thing for us lot! The latest generation of Guardian blogs include the ever useful geo-location maps, roll over galleries of the rooms you can expect to be staying in and of course, the impeccably well written, and non-biased reviews.
  6. Something For The Ladies
    It might sound like we’re tooting our own horn with this one and that’s because we are! Sophie Herbert is one of our finest in-house bloggers here at St Christopher’s and she specialises in travel tips for her fellow ladies. Offering extensive advice from her time on the road, Sophie covers everything from high protein – super slimming edible insects to ironing your clothes with your hair straighteners!
  7. Hostelworld
    Lonely PlanetThey have one of the biggest collections of hostel bookings anywhere in the world and they also happen to have a pretty cool partnership with Lonely Planet, and Visit Britain. You can see this in action best in their blog, which recently covered some of our favourite hot spots in Amsterdam.
  8. Huffington Post Travel
    Huffington Post TravelThe Huffington Post doesn’t pull any punches when it digs up and delivers the mainstream news, and the same can – thankfully – be said for their travel division. If you like the likes of The Onion, you’ll love the Post’s tongue in cheek style when it comes to round up articles – such as the 27 Impossibly Happy People On Planes. It’s a breath of fresh travel air if you ever need one.
  9. Matador Network
    Matador NetworkThere are a lot of cool facets that comprise the Matador Network but the top offering has to be Matatoru Travel Journalism. If you’re serious about being a paid travel writer, the chances are that the feedback from editors and the commissions offered through the site, will be an invaluable rung on your career ladder.
  10. Bakpak Guide Europe
    Bakpak Guide EuropeThese cheeky chappies from America have been charting the choppy waters of global backpacking since 1998 and (thankfully) they’re showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon! In addition to regularly updated online listings these guys also publish top notch e-book and paper guides – essential for anyone considering a jolly overseas.

- Rob Savage

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