Think Frankfurt is just a gateway to Europe and the USA? But this is not the only reason to visit this city.

Frankly speaking, here are many interesting and even amazing places which should be seen besides Frankfurt International Airport.

First of all we should mention that this city is considered to be the financial capital of Germany. Have you ever heard about its second name? Because of a great amount of skyscrapers and river Main, Frankfurt is also called «Main-Hattan». Try to pronounce this word quickly. It sounds like American “Manhattan”, isn’t it?

Besides, Frankfurt is known well as a world center of commerce, culture, education and tourism. Let’s start our journey and get to know more!

We are going to tell you about the most popular attractions in this city.

1. City Tower


The Main Tower of Frankfurt is the perfect place to observe a fantastic view of the town and the beautiful mountains, surrounding it.

Don’t be afraid! You shouldn’t climb it up! There is a special lift, that will take you up to 160 meters. Just in two minutes you will be able to enjoy the stunning views of the city skyline. You can also have a meal in the terrific restaurant called «The main tower».

2. Unforgettable Goethe House

As you know Frankfurt is a birthplace of the well-known German writer, J.Goethe.


Unfortunately, the house was completely destroyed during World War II. But in some period the architects were able to restore it and to complete with original furnishings, paintings and old books, which once belonged to the Goethe family.

The place you will remember for the whole life is a writer’s personal cabinet, which is presented rather realistically. The visitors can see his working place with a desk and a small sofa, sitting on which Goethe was writing his «The Sorrows of Young Werther».

3. Unique Sachsenhausen Taverns

As Frankfurters usually say, the most delicious drink is «Apfelwein» (“Ebbelwoi”), which is a light alcoholic drink very similar to apple-like cider. But it is produced only in Frankfurt. Go taste it round the best and oldest cider taverns in the old district of Sachsenhausen!

4. Square of Römerberg

Want to see the historical center of Frankfurt? Go to the square of Römerberg.

Visit the imperial room of the City Hall called “Roemer”, where feastings and celebrations were organized in the past.


These houses were purchased by citizens and rebuilt to the needs of urban management. In the 13th century the historical square, surrounded by half-timbered houses, was a main place for all trade fairs in Frankfurt.

5. Paulskirche

It was built in the period between 1789 and 1833. From 1848 to 1849 the delegates of the 1st German Parliament were sitting in the church of St. Paul. It was also used for political meetings. Nowadays Paulskirche is, as a rule, used for some kinds of exhibitions and different occasions.

6. Museumsufer

Do you need some pleasant and relaxing moments?

Walk along the bay of the wide river Main, which runs through the Frankfurt city center. It is picturesque, it is quiet, and it contains the best museums in the country. Among them, there are an excellent Museum of German cinema and Museum of Fine Arts.


The museum part is named Museumsufer. On weekends, on Saturdays and Sundays, you will be able to hunt for some treasure at the largest and the most unusual flea market in Frankfurt. Try to find something special!

7. Museum of Natural History

Do you love history?  Or may be you are traveling with kids? Then this place is for you!

Here you will see a plenty of exhibits, beginning from fossils and up to ancient Egyptian mummies. Nowadays the most popular and famous museum attraction is a large collection of dinosaur skeletons, which is one of the largest in Europe.

8. The shopping street Zeil

Shoppers! This place is a paradise for you!


It is a lively zone for pedestrians and rollers, the center of the most successful city trade. Here you can visit a great amount of different shops.

Get some clothing and footwear of famous brands, cosmetic products, furniture, home decoration etc. Also, it is called the “5th Avenue of Germany.” Here are two famous shopping centers Zeilgalerie and Frankfurt Hoch 4.

9. Museum of Contemporary Art

The museum is popular not only for its exclusive collection created by such artists as R.Lichtenstein, J.Beuys, A.Warhol and G.Richter, but also for its stylish and creative architecture.

As to the project of well-known artist Hans this museum has a special triangular shape. That’s the reason why the locals call it «a piece of cake».

10. The Botanical Garden of Palmengarten


Don’t miss your chance to visit this magic place!

This huge park complex was founded at the beginning of 1868 by a company of Frankfurt citizens. In modern greenhouses of “Tropicario” pavilion you will feel tropical and subtropical climate.

Here are all the vegetation zones of the Earth. You can travel through the African savannah, be surprised by exotic plants from the rainforest, look at the flowering gardens of Europe. Do not forget about the “Garden of Goethe.”

The real treasure of a park complex is the 18-meter building of “Palmenhaus” made of glass and steel.

Frankfurt has a great network of fast and modern subway lines, trams and buses. All of them are controlled by the transport management called Rhein-Main Verkehrsverbund. The ticket is valid for 24 hours for an unlimited number of trips within the central area of Frankfurt and costs 4.70 EUR.

Also you can take a taxi or rent a car. The taxi will cost you 1,5 EUR per km.

If you decided to get a car, you can use one of online car rental services and your trip will be maximum comfortable.

So… What about Frankfurt now? Are you going to buy tickets as soon as possible? Hope, your answer is yes. If it is so, you have made a right decision. Be sure, it is a perfect holiday destination. You will see many interesting things, taste perfect dishes and meet warm and hearty local people.

Author Bio: Lily Berns is a real adventurer who travels all over the world. She likes to share her experience and recommendations through her posts.


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