Thane is one of the most important parts of Maharashtra state. It is a beautiful, nature-replete city, which is located on the head of Thane Creek. The city is also a historic city, which is now taking leaps towards modernization. Visit the city to explore all aspects of it, and for accommodations choose from best Thane hotels.

Thane, a beautiful city, deriving its name from an ancient Lord Ganesha temple, is one significant part of Maharashtra state. The city is located on the west region of the state, on the head of the Thane Creek and quite close to the nation’s western coast. It is an ancient city that dates 2000 plus years old. It has been ruled by the indigenous tribes, Portuguese, Marathas, and finally the British. It is one of the most illustrated parts of the parent state, and is also a beautiful city. The city is often referred as the “City of Lakes”, for the fact that there are about 35 lakes that are engulfed within the territory of the city. Abundant with sufficient water, not only the lakes of the city help to sustain and flourish the life in various forms, but they are also the sparkling pearls of the city simply adding more to the beauty of the city.

The geographic location of Thane, made it one of the prime sites of European colonization. The Portuguese rule in Thane in particular is worth mentioning. They came to the city about 1530 and had their sway over the regions for about 200 years. They were defeated by the Marathas in the late 1730s, who then ruled the regions till 1784 when they were defeated by the British. The British further solidified the administrative significance of the city, the beginning of which was laid by the Portuguese and the Marathas. The British made the city the headquarter of their district administration and established the office of district collector in one of the regions of the city. It was also during the reign of the British, when the first ever passenger train in India was laid. The train travelled between Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus and Thane, covering a distance of about 34 km.


Meanwhile, today Thane is one of the leading hubs of industries and commerce in the parent state. Given the close proximity to the state’s capital and the nation’s commerce capital Mumbai, the city is highly influenced by the growth of Mumbai. At present, Thane itself is host of several industries, and is one of the most preferred cities to set up a startup business. The city is equipped with every basic parameters of modernization, including plush residences, sleek office complexes, shopping malls, food joints, excellent transportation, railway station, bus stands, exquisite restaurants, and Thane hotels etc.

Thane is also growing on the tourism front. Today, the city is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in the state. It is a culturally rich city and is also blessed by the nature in abundance. The city is situated on small verdant hills. It is about 7 m above the sea level, and is known to receive a lovely weather. It never gets too hot in the city. However, it does sees heavy rainfalls. In fact, the city is one of the regions receiving the most rainfall. One may visit the city during monsoon, if he loves the rain. However, the best suggested time for Thane tour is November to March.

One can reach the city via train. The Thane railway station is one of the major railheads in southern-western India. Besides, the nearest airport to the city is the Mumbai airport. The good thing is that there are a couple of good budget hotels in Thane with tariff suiting different traveller’s budget, which also offer airport pick and drop services. Besides, if one is coming from nearby cities then the road routes are the best modes to reach the city.

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