Providenciales is probably Turks and Caicos’ best loved and most well-known island. Now though, Providenciales has well and truly made the map of paradise holiday destinations, fending off competition from the likes of Hawaii and Thailand’s Koh Tao to secure the number one spot and become the world’s best loved island. In Celebration of Providenciales, the tiny Turks and Caicos Island which has recently topped Trip Advisor’s Top Ten Islands 2015, let’s find out…what exactly makes an island the world’s best island?

The Perfect Treasure Trove

Abounded by turquoise waters, a tropical climate and scenery like something straight out of Robert Louis Stevenson’s epic novel, Treasure Island, Providenciales makes the idea of being ship wrecked less terrifying than terrific. The island’s Princess Alexandra Natural Park is an absolute treasure trove of experiences for any visitor. Spanning over 6.5 acres of north coast of Providenciales, Princess Alexandra Park is situated at the edge of some of Providenciales best loved resorts and features some of the island’s most majestic and magical natural wonders.


Grace Bay Beach – One of The Worlds Finest

To give a glimpse of some of its finest gems, Grace Bay Beach, measuring 12 long miles of pristine white sands, is said to be one of the world’s best and is found within the Princess Alexandra Natural Park. Interestingly, Grace Bay stole 2nd place for Trip Advisor’s World’s Best Beach 2015, missing out on the top stop only to Baia do Sancho in Brazil. While Baia do Sancho hit the top spot on the beach front, plunge snorkel first into the water, and nobody could deny Providenciales would come out on top.

Exquisite Reef Gardens

Providenciales’ reef gardens extend over 300 feet beyond its shore and are teaming with tropical sea life and exotic corals, from flamingo tongue sea snails to eagle rays (giant stingrays) and lion fish. A Snorkel Eco-Tour, such as those offered to the guests of the Blue Haven Resort, enables visitors to make the most of three of Providenciales’ locations on the barrier reef.

So Much More Than Stunning Scenery

It isn’t simply stunning scenery and aquamarine life though that has secured Providenciales the moniker of ‘the world’s best island’. By far the smallest island to make the top three, what Providenciales lacks in size its resorts more than compensated for in luxury. The Beach House Turks and Caicos, for example, is situated in the aforementioned Grave Bay area and gives paradise a whole new meaning.


Benefitting from its own spa and all things re-energising and rejuvenating – which is exactly what a holiday should be, Beach House Turks and Caicos guests don’t even have to venture down to the beach in order to ‘get rejuvenated’. The real draw of the Beach House Turks and Caicos though is that unlike many of Providenciales’ finest resorts, it has no rooms; it provides nothing but suites, each of which exceed 1000 square feet and feature, kitchenettes, private balconies, terraces and stunning ocean or scenic views, making it ideal for a romantic getaway or base from which to prepare for a week of island hopping and excursions. And I defy any visitor to resist the urge to explore and get stuck into some of Providenciales’ vast array of sports and activities, no matter how sumptuous your accommodation may be.

An Island Swamped With Opportunities

Providenciales, being an island, is swamped with opportunities to engage in water sports of almost every kind imaginable, providing visitors who may not otherwise engage in the likes of paddle boarding to suddenly try something new. The list of possibilities is so extensive, even the idea of trying to summarise all the sports available is exhilarating. Fortunately, a great place to explore water sports in Providenciales is offered by the Visit TCI website.  The Visit TCI, more generally, is a great resource for those thinking of jetting off on their next holiday in Providenciales, along with the Official Tourism Website of the Turks and Caicos Islands. But, if you’re still wondering why Providenciales is the World’s Best Island, the only real way to find out is to holiday there and see for yourself.

Whatever your dreams, they’re sure to come true on Providenciales!

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