There are three things you have to look into before you set on any journey: the date of travel, a place to stay, and a basic itinerary. The date of travel is entirely up to you, except if you are going on an organized tour. The itinerary depends on the time you’ll be spending at a place, the season, the reason for travel, and your budget. A place to stay, however, that is only seemingly an obvious choice. “I’ll just find a hotel” is not as simple as it sounds.


The criteria by which you distinguish hotels could be the price, the availability, the location… all of them are closely related to what sort of hotel you are looking at.

Hotels, hostels, bed and breakfast joints, rented rooms, boutique hotels, eco hotels… these are only the most common types. What sets them apart though? Have a look at the list.

The Lindenwood Inn, Southwest Harbour, Maine by Charles Hoffman

Bed and Breakfast:

The beauty of Bed and Breakfast accommodation is that the name tells it all. These are not your busy, bustling, prolonged stay hotels. Usually a family-owned business, “bed and breakfasts” are affordable and cozy. Their vantage point is that they are actual homes, and as a guest, you will truly be treated like a guest of honor, rather than a customer.

Boutique hotels:

Boutique hotels are smaller establishments that function much like a regular hotel. This trend started out with the Morgans boutique hotel in New York, and is still a relatively young movement. Style comes first here, and most boutique hotels are associated to known interior designers. The name comes from the comparison with franchise hotels where the larger hotels are supermarkets, grand and emotionless, and boutique hotels are tiny, lively boutiques that gravitate toward each customer’s individual needs. According to Randwick accommodation, boutiques are a growing trend thanks to the growing importance of on point design, as well as their ability to look after each and every guest individually, while maintaining the standards set by the best franchises.


Eco hotel:

The green community has been warning us of global warming for decades, but without much success. Now, when it is almost too late to do something about the planet’s health, a massive shift is taking place in eco-friendly living, and about time! From solar panels to water recycling, large amounts of research are carried out in haste in order to find the most optimized solution for sustainability, and the hotel industry has been quick to follow in the footsteps. This sort of accommodation should be the first choice to any traveler concerned with not leaving a carbon footprint. Their services include solar panels, natural isolation, recycling and water recycling. They are also the most vegetarian-friendly establishments, thanks to their healthy approach to menus.


Hostels are the most popular form of accommodation for the globetrotting youth, hence you could easily find them under the name “youth hostel”. These establishments offer joint rooms, and charge per bed – an excellent idea if you are taking a trip as a group, less excellent if you are traveling solo and wish for some privacy. Their vantage points is the friendly approach they take to their guests. Their cheap prices attract people on longer journeys who wish to remain within their budget, in other words, travelers full of tales.

Thatched Roof Tents of Luang Prabang Eco Hotel by Kamu Lodge

Rented apartments:

Apartment rental has been a blooming business in popular seaside destinations for decades, and as traveling becomes an increasingly more obtainable hobby, they have been sprouting up in urban destinations as well. Services like AirBnB and Housetrip are taking the lead in the hotel industry. Listed apartments categorized by location, Wi-Fi availability, and amenities aim to make your search faster and more detailed. The prices vary, and often they are not the cheapest on the market. But some people need the familiarity of a home around them even when they travel, and this is a good alternative to a hotel for them.

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