Mangalore, unknown to many and living under the shadows of a flamboyant Bangalore city is a beautiful small port city along the Western Ghats of India. The streets of Mangalore resonates a small town ambience. The market places are loud and crowded and can be traced from a mile away by the strong smell of sea fish. Mangalore, as it has shown in the past few years has the potential to grow into a big modern city soon.

Ullal Bridge Mangalore


The places Bangalore and Mangalore may share similarity in their name, but the similar ring in their name does not make the place at all similar from one another. Bangalore is a metropolitan city while Mangalore is a port city with a small town feel and still very much in the process of development. The edge Mangalore has over Bangalore in being a tourist attraction is because of its beaches and quiet slow life with small houses which some people prefer as opposed to the fast and busy city life of Bangalore.

Mangalore is a place where life is simple and the cost of living is low. Food and accommodation is very cheap and there is an abundance of fresh sea fish fresh from the sea and sold at a very cheap rate. Hotels and restaurants  in every nook and corner of Mangalore prepare mouth watering dishes on their own spin of fresh seafood cooked mostly in South India spices. There is no dearth of budget friendly hotels and if you prefer to stay in some of the better mid range or luxury hotels you can check the listing of Oyo rooms in Mangalore to better help you compare and choose your place of accommodation.

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Mangalore is fast developing and up until 2010, when City Centre mall was inaugurated, which is also the second largest shopping mall in Karnataka, there were no shopping malls in Mangalore. Since the launch of this mall, the city has seen numerous malls and complexes sprawling up especially around the MG road area and has a list of many sanctioned projects underway. Restaurants of various cuisines have started coming up although South Indian cuisine is still the stand out. You will find some authentic South Indian dishes prepared and cooked in the authentic way. North Indian food here, however, is not great. But at the end of the day that does not matter because why would you go to South India to and be in search of North Indian food? Beef is banned in this part of Karnataka for the longest time although you may find some hotels or restaurants serving beef in an hush hush manner.

Mangalore has six main beaches, most of which are located towards the North of this port city. Lying a distance ranging from about 10 km to 40 km, these beaches can be easily approached by local buses starting from the heart of the city. The local buses are very cheap and convenient.

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Mangalore has a fully functional airport, train station and various other modes of transport by road available on a daily basis. The closest international airport, however, is the Bangalore international airport. But if you are arriving from overseas and your flight lands at the Mumbai airport, you need not worry. In fact, you could take the chance and explore Mumbai for a day or two or directly catch on of the Mumbai to Pune cab that stands readily waiting at the airport. Once you have reached Pune you can book a bus ticket or further hire a cab and go on a 13 hour road-trip to Mangalore.

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