A travel to London cannot be complete without taking a tour to its historic and vibrant market town Kingston located only 12 miles south west of central London. Kingston is set in a picturesque location on the banks of the River Thames and offers a lovely getaway from the din and bustle of the city. This thriving market town has everything that you can expect from a thriving market town – a great café culture, superb shopping, a well-known university and an exciting nightlife. Travel to this scenic land means having a fantastic time with music, art, theatre and family events. There are lots of activities throughout the year and Kingston has plenty to offer.

The history of Kingston can be traced back to 838; it was the first time that the town was recorded in a royal document and then in the tenth century when it was the coronation place for Anglo Saxon kings. The Kingston Town Centre retains its historic past in the beautiful Tudor buildings, All Saints Church and the Ancient Market. Today, Kingston Town Centre is a popular destination for entertainment, shopping and culture with a great mix of themed markets, diverse shopping hubs, busy cafés, bars and restaurants and street activities.


Shopping at Kingston:

Kingston is the shopper’s delight; an ideal place to enjoy your shopping extravaganza to the fullest. Shopping over here is a unique experience, a journey from the exclusive boutiques and market stalls to the chic shopping centres and high street shops. If you are a food lover, then the historic market of Kingston will elate you with its eclectic stalls with fantastic display of vegetables, fruits and fish. With over 500 shops and department stores, this is also a great place for clothing and household supplies. Take the pleasure of shopping at the Eden Walk Shopping Centre, Clarence Street and The Bentall Centre where you can find all the major brands. When it is about treating yourself with a special purchase or picking up some gift items, the quirky independent shops would be just the perfect. To add to your delight, there are plenty of cafes, restaurants and bars where you can indulge in your favourite food and drink and have some wonderful time with your family or friends.

Things to do in Kingston:

Traces of royal heritage: Kingston finds its name derived from a royal connection and it is the phrase Kinges Tun, which means a royal farm or estate. The royal connection dates back to more than a thousand years with crowning of seven Saxon Kings. The Kingston’s most historic landmark is The Coronation Stone which can be found in the grounds of Guildhall close to the 12th century Clattern Bridge.

Places and sights of historic importance: Kingston was a great hub for bustling markets in the history. It has been a major trading centre since 1170. The earliest market dates back to the beginning of 13th century. Presently, there are two permanent markets and regular visiting markets which include Continental Market and festive Christmas Market.

Market House of Kingston: This beautiful building is located in the Ancient Market Place and was originally built by Charles Henman Senior in 1838. Until 1995, it was used as the town’s Market House.

Kingston Museum: Housed in an elegant, custom built building, the fascinating Kingston Museum has three permanent exhibitions. A great range of exhibitions programme including photography, local history, arts and crafts can be found at the Art Gallery.

Falling Over Telephone Boxes: The famous falling over phone boxes are found on Old London Road.

When you are in Kingston, do not miss the opportunity of taking a riverside walk. The stunning views of the river and lovely wildlife like swans, water voles and dragon flies will move you.

Enjoy from an excellent selection of classic and modern productions at the Rose Theatre or the Arthur Cotterell Theatre or catch a show of the latest blockbusters movies at Odeon Cinema. To laugh your heart out, Outside the Box Comedy Club at the Fighting Cocks pub or The Comedy Club at the Rose Theatre would be the ultimate choice.

Good food can make a tour to any place all the more delightful; Kingston has plenty of food choices for you at its variety of restaurants serving everything from Continental to Japanese, Chinese, Mexican, Indian to everything that you would prefer to pamper your taste buds. When it is about having some exclusive Indian delicacies, any of the best Indian restaurants in London would be ideal. The Indian restaurants in London have a fantastic selection of main dishes including vegetarian options. A wonderful blend of flavours and taste would make you fall for the scrumptious Indian food. You would equally love the beautiful presentation and cosy ambience.

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