There’s just nothing like a place to get away from it all. One of the great joys of our modern age is the comparative surplus in leisure time and increased ability to travel we all cars bounce house enjoy, especially compared to past ages. Where travel and stays in luxury cottages used to be exclusively the domain of the rich, they are now more available than ever. Nowhere is that more apparent than in Australia’s Hunter Valley. Not only is this lush area the leading wine producing region in what is one of the most popular entries into the “New World” selection of wine-producing countries, but it’s likewise one of Australia’s leading luxury resort getaways as well.

Here are just a few fantastic events to hold in Australia’s Hunter Valley.

Weddings and Honeymoons

There’s no more beautiful event than a wedding, no more joyous afterglow than that which illuminates a honeymoon, and no better place to spend either than in Hunter Valley accommodation cottages. Hunter Valley is home to a number of great green courtyards and vineyards, any number of which would make a remarkable and absolutely romantic backdrop for your wedding. What’s more, having your wedding near a vineyard is certainly a plus in terms of catering and wine preparations. If you are looking into an outdoor wedding—especially one in the spring or summer—it’s a great option to consider.

Honeymoon Cottages

Of course, once the wedding’s over, you’ll want to retire to the cosy comfort of a honeymoon cottage, and there are few better options than those in the Hunter Valley region. There are a variety of options from which to choose, from the most advanced of suites to the most rustic and au naturel of cottages. The former are fully stocked with all manner of different modern accoutrements, from high-speed Wi-Fi to big flat-screen TV to all manner of modern appliances and more. The latter offers a fantastic chance to make the most of your lush valley setting by allowing you to get in touch with nature while getting to know your newlywed bride or groom a little bit better.

Wine Tours

Australia is one of the great new wine regions of the world and makes for a fantastic vacation if you’re a vine aficionado or a culinary connoisseur. There’s nothing like a stay in an authentic cottage or chateau to bring out the fullness of a Sauvignon or Zinfandel.

Beautiful Blends

Rustic or Modern—it’s the choice which faces every cottage connoisseur. Now, you’re afforded the choice not to choose with cottages featuring spectacular blends of both décor styles. Enjoy hones which are rustic in the back and modern in the front, or those which feature more rustic exteriors while still boasting all manner of modern comforts. They make for great vacation venues for those looking to get not just the full cottage-living experience but different modes of living in Australia as well.

Enjoy a vacation destination, wedding getaway, or romantic honeymoon like no other with a fantastic cottage in Australia’s Hunter Valley.

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