If you want to relax with your family by going out on a caravan trip or if you want to spend few weeks in a caravan or a camp destination, then you can hire small or large caravans depending on the size of your family.

family caravan

  • Family caravans come in various types ranging from modest ones to luxury models. The cost of the caravan depends on the level of luxury one is looking for.
  • There are the modest ones with just the basic amenities fitted into them, there are luxury models which come with high quality fittings and more amenities and there are also the custom built models which are made for high end customers as per their choice.
  • Caravans come in different sizes with floor spaces ranging from 18’ to 23’. You can spend a leisurely week end with your family without having to worry about weather conditions since, unlike tents caravans which are also known as houses on wheels provides protection from climatic changes be it snow or rainfall. Apart from serving as an apt place for accommodation, the family caravans also create a shelter from harsh wind and climatic variations.

A)      Basic models of caravans

Caravans fitted with basic amenities normally come with folding bunks which when folded convert the empty space into a lounge. All other fittings in the kitchen space, wc and bathrooms come with standard fittings, the overall size of these caravans will be smaller compared to the deluxe models. All other aspects of the caravan like body finishing, and the materials used both inside and outside will be of a more modest nature.

B)     Deluxe models

Deluxe models as the name suggests have a more refined and classy appearance both inside as well as outside. The lounge area has sofas and other items of furniture made with high quality material, the bunks need not be folded to create a lounge area since the size of the caravan will be larger in comparison to the modest models.


Custom Made Models

  • As with all items caravans too are made as per the customer’s requirements. It goes without saying that these models are made for high end customers and the cost of the caravan depends on the level of luxury the customer wants.
  •  The interiors of the caravan are designed as per the customers wish. The furniture is usually made by companies that specialize in luxury furniture and then fitted into the caravan.
  • Other fittings and electrical equipments like TV, Refrigerator and  kitchen fittings are of internationally famous brands, the same goes for other fittings like knobs, handles etc. In some cases fittings are specially made to order as per the wish of the customer.
  • These models which are functional as well as luxurious are also status symbols to the owner. Owners of such models can fit their caravans with whatever they want as per their whims and fancies, and there are always caravan manufacturers who are eager to make them since they act as excellent publicity material.


Most essential features of family caravans

When you go to purchase or rent a family caravan, you will see that it has some essential features:

  • Privacy that can separate two livings spaces and a spacious lounge area
  • Window in each  bunk and double or triple bunk according to the number of family members
  • Solar panels, big awning shades, annex and water tanks for comfortable stay.

Many top class caravan manufacturers vie with each other to find customers who are on the look out to find companies who can make such caravans.  You can go through this link and get more essential details about the family caravan.

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