The Andaman and Nicobar islands are located in Bay of Bengal and are a group of about 600 islands that are part of India. Nicobar were severely hit by tsunami but Andaman managed to escape with few bruises but still remains the favorite amongst travelers.

The Main Cities in the Islands

  • Port Blair – This is the only point of entry as well as exit to the islands and is also the capital of Andaman. You will enjoy walking around here and visiting few nearby sites. You will relish sea food available here. You can get some amazing online packages using goibibo discount coupons.
  • Diglipur – You will love to have a trip to the North of chain of islands and this could be the base for visiting nearby islands.
  • Mayabunder
  • Rangat

Must-See Destinations

  • Havelock Island has minimum infrastructure but is on the must-see list of all tourists. It has great snorkeling, scuba sites and magnificent beaches.
  • Rutland Island’s non-polluted, untouched beauty would leave you spellbound. The island covers an area of 274sqkm where you will get a warm welcome by coral reefs and mangroves.
  • Another attraction is Totani Resort covering 45 acre and has very few little huts that can be made use of as base camp to explore the island. Eco tourists will also find it quite attractive.
  • Neil Island has nice beaches, decent snorkeling and is quieter than Havelock. Wandoor is a destination where the tourists can relax completely. New luxury resort named Sea Princess Beach Resort has been set up for convenience of tourists. It can be reached easily by jetty near Wandoor. Nearby is the newest acquired property Anugama Resort.
  • Other places of interest are Mud volcano, Baratang Island and The Limestone caves.
  • Barren Island is the only island with volcano in whole of India. Explore these spell bounding islands using Travelguru coupons.
  • If you enjoy camping, Long Island is the perfect answer but you will have to carry everything needed including food.
  • Port Blair’s dreaded Cellular Jail- Original inhabitants of the island are different indigenous tribes that remain away from mainstream. Only nine of these 600 islands are approachable to foreigners and all these are in Andamans. The island was used by the British to imprison freedom fighters, rebels and hardened criminals. The suspected members were brutally executed after severe torturing.

Climatic conditions of Port Blair

The ideal weather and ideal diving conditions here is from mid-January to mid-May and days are sunny most of the year. Monsoon period from late May to end July is worst for visiting the island because of frequent rain, strong winds and poor underwater visibility. Weather becomes the worst through December and beginning of January. You can check out and compare the best travel packages and deals at

Travelling to and fro the islands

The only way to get between islands is by means of expensive helicopter shuttles, seaplane service and passenger ferries. Entire passenger transport is run by the Govt. which also runs “tourist ferries” and “local ferries” to mainland.

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