The vast number of shopaholics prefers to buy new clothing in Italy, because this is where you can find exclusive items at favorable price.

Of course, those who prefer luxury clothing usually go to Milan or Florence. But when speaking of the wholesale and cheap shopping, most travelers usually choose Rimini. However, Bologna is also a good place in this regard. The city hosts annual exhibitions of clothing and shoes, furs, cosmetics, pasta and furniture, where manufacturers present their products and sell them at a fairly low price.

Further you will learn about the main peculiarities of shopping in Bologna, which will help you to make lots of good bargains.

#1: Who should shop in Bologna?

  • Wholesale and retail shoppers who are looking for a nice Italian clothing of the middle-priced and economy-priced segments of not popular brands
  • Those who want to buy clothes of the well-known brands with discounts
  • Those who want to buy clothes of interesting design and good quality at the low price
  • Those who want to buy a fur coat

Pay attention that those who expect to buy wholesale the items of luxury brands such as Armani, D&G, Ferre, etc., shouldn’t go to Bologna. In this case you’d better head on to Milan.

#2: When to shop in Bologna?

You can order a collection of clothes or purchase ready-made clothing in wholesale centers and showrooms of Bologna all year round.

However, there are two sales seasons in Bologna. The sales season of spring and summer collection starts from late November till mid-February, while the sales season of autumn and winter collections lasts from early June till late July.

All year round you can buy clothes by famous designers with 30-70% discounts in Bologna’s outlets.
It is important to keep in mind that when exhibitions take place in Bologna the prices for accommodation in the city and in the suburbs increases by 2 times, so you’d better not to shop there during that time.


#3: How much money you need for shopping in Bologna?

An average price for one item in the wholesale centers ranges from 15 to 40 EUR. There is a minimum amount of purchase, which is normally around 300-500 EUR. As it was mentioned already, in Bologna’s outlets you can get clothes with the discount of up to 70% as regards prices in common shops.

#4: Where to make wholesale purchases?

Those who are interested in this kind of shopping should definitely consider Gross Bologna. In this wholesale center you can find a huge choice of different Italian brands of the middle-priced segment. It is preferably to go to this wholesale center with a guide who will introduce you to the owners of warehouses and help you to establish good future relationships with them.

You can also make retail purchases at the wholesale stores, but not everywhere. Everything will depend on whether you come to the store as a tourist or whether your guide enquires the owner of the warehouse about a certain item.

#5: What are Bologna’s main shopping streets?

The main shopping streets of Bologna are: Via Rizzoli, Via Ugo Bassi, Via dell’Indipendenza, and Via D’Azeglio. If you are going to shop in the city, you can start from Piazza Maggiore and continue the route by checking out the bordering streets and alleys. You will find there such stores like Prada, MaxMara and Furla. In addition, there are lots of book and antique stores.


Another street of luxury boutiques in Bologna is Via dell’Archiginnasio, where the stores of Armani, Gucci, and Hermes are situated.

Those who are looking for exclusive souvenirs in Bologna should head on to Strada Maggiore 19, where the Branchini store is located. In Branchini you can buy excellent-quality souvenirs made directly in Italy, and not the Chinese counterfeits.

Pay attention that most stores in Bologna are closed on Thursday afternoon.

#6: VAT refund in Bologna

Don’t forget to ask about Tax Free when making purchases in Bologna. You can save from 12% to 14% of the goods’ value. You need to put an appropriate mark at the customs when leaving the country, and then to go to one of the offices specializing in Tax Free refund, for example, Global Refund Italia.

#7: What outlets near Bologna are worth visiting?

Castel Guelfo Outlet

Distance from Bologna: 30km

In this outlet you can find high-fashion brands as well as the brands of the middle segment. It offers more than 100 brand stores with goods for men, women and children.

You can buy there sportswear, accessories and cosmetics, household appliances at a discount of up to 70% all year round.

After shopping in Castel Guelfo Outlet you can drink a cup of hot Italian coffee at the cafe and dine in a cozy Italian restaurant.


Fidenza Village

Distance from Bologna: 116km

Fidenza Village boutique town lies in one hour’s drive from Bologna. With over 100 boutiques offering discounts of 20% to 70% this outlet provides great conditions for bargain Italian shopping.

Even peculiarly captious shoppers will appreciate the clothes of Italian brands such as Frette, Duvetica, Simonetta and Pinko, and of international brands such as Versace, Armani, Brooks Brothers, Paul Smith, Swarovski and the legendary Missoni.

Since these outlets are located away from Bologna, the most convenient and time-saving way to reach them is to rent a cheap car at Bologna airport. Hopefully Bologna will please you with favorable prices and great choice of goods!

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